Saturday, March 7, 2015

Inspired By Love

Inspired By Love
I am so excited about my new spring collection of jewels!
anyone who knows me, knows of my love for all things with hearts
I am a blatant sucker for romance- so the symbol of a heart
holds near and dear to me
these beauties started out on a whim just for fun- then became my new signature item for spring
I first create hearts  from upcylced wool
then attach to a lovely pendant with much adhesive and glitter
I present to you  just some of my La Coeur(French for the heart)  collection:
My sweet friend miss Lydia Kerr- requested a set with earrings
so now I am happy to have recently added these cute and petite wool heart earrings
can be purchased as sets or individually
and I can custom make them in pretty much any color!

 I am also having fun experimenting  with different sizes and shapes of pendants and hearts

 what would hearts be without a key to them-
 Its so much fun integrating my love of junk into my jewelry!

music that inspires my creativity:
I'm not who I was- Brandon Heath
"I write about love and such, Maybe cause I want it so much."
-Brandon Heath