Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting back to my heart- ART

It has been tough these days to make time for my true love- the essence of my existence-ART- kids/work/marriage are all a valued part of me but oh how my heart longs to create---to blog and talk about art in all its form to create things from my bare hands---

So ----i decided to take baby steps- small attainable goals- and one of those goals was to submit artwork to Stampington again- Much to my surprise and delight they published the first item i have submitted in literally years- 

I answered their "bleach challenge" for their publication Altered Couture- It was so fun to get back into that creative space-

above is the shirt/dress/tank that  i created
I like to call it gypsy couture
a little romantic
a little grunge---
and a lot of love in my heart!
AND here it is! 
you can find the full article in the issue below
there are some really fun pieces in this issue
and i am so grateful and happy to be back on this 
creative path
even if its just a little bit at a time!