Saturday, September 21, 2013

saturday morning mash up

I have been wanting to blog all week----didn't happen!!!!! so here is the Saturday morning mash up of everything that I wanted to do all week!!!!!
Starting with the lovely collection of vintage souvenir state plates that I snagged at a local thrift!
wouldn't they make a lovely display? They are all currently for sale on my etsy shop
 next up- as promised, a few shots of my new digs! This lovely island was left here-
Its perfect for displaying some of my favorite  collections- my newest love- milk glass chickens

I got that lovely brown tea pot at thrift for a mere $5
resale value-$40 to 60!!!
so many great place to display- my house was built in the 1920s but the kitchen and bathroom were added on later- with plenty of built in shelving everywhere!
including this super cute shelf above my bathroom closet(below)


 check out the amazing table my dad made from me from old barn wood! most of his creations are more primitive looking than this, but he put a shabby chic spin on it just for me! The metal wine rack was once a milk crate- bought @ my friend Susans' shop- Home Sweet Home for a song-
 and how about this custom made  valance- made by my dear friend- Carol Cox- check her out on facebook and in Hartville Ohio at One Vintage Lane
I am loving this place and this town- and having so much fun decoratinf and organizing-
pics of the upstairs to follow soon
  and last but definitely not least my ultimate Friday favorite- the pumpkin spice latte from everyones' first coffee love- STARBUCKS-
and its been around for 10 years this year- I know that I have been enjoying its pumpkin cinnamon goodness for at least 6 of those years!!!
so when I saw this lovely PSL 10 travel mug, I had to have one-
fall isn't fall without you- <3 thanks Starbucks!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites: Hummus

 I have been mulling over a way to share my favorites- whether its a product, food, book shop....whatever... and I came up with this- every friday i am going to share a favorite here- therefore- i call it friday favorites! 
this week whats on my mind is HUMMUS! 
I usually like to make my own- and my FAVORITE  hummus recipe so far is the south beach diet recipe for hummus(crazy, right?) but in a pinch or a wicked craving for hummus.. this is my go to favorite

 Sabra olive tapenade hummus is to die for! I could eat this flavor by the bucketful! always, always without fail delish and fresh! Thank you Sabra!!!!

 So, today, i revolved my lunch around my brand spankin new container of sabra- healthy mediteranean-ish yummyness! I am so trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle that I once had- and this meal was fulfilling and i feel good after eating instead of bloated and/or greasy! 
 hope you enjoy my first ever FRIDAY FAVORITES section!
have a happy, healthy weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

long time-no blog

 long time, no blog....
so many life changes right now...
including sending my baby girl off to college-
12 hours away to Springfield Missouri
nothing seems more timely or true than this song by Joni Mitchell I sang to her as baby...
nothing is as certain as change-
and this one is as bittersweet as it could be

and to challenge myself further....because that huge change wasn't enough...

we made a good move to a new town... Medina,Ohio
all I can say is I love my new house and I love this town!
Many blog posts to follow....

next up first though, will be pics of my new abode...hopefully first thing next week!
have a great weekend- I cant wait to share my families new adventures!