Tuesday, January 29, 2013


  Its a swap party!!!!! Just look at all these goodies ready for the taking!!!!! 
How it works: everyone brings 5 items(no clothing)to trade, and everyone goes home with 5 items! everyone does there swaps differently, so I will try to post some links with tips for swaps
to start off: try going to www.folklifestyle.com They have a feature on creating a swap.
(we usually like to have a snack and some tea at our swaps) 
and we take turns having them at eachothers' homes

Amys' favorite swap item: a basket full of shabby chic goodies including some vintage perfume bottles, which she collects!

 Thats Me, Melissa, and my Favorite swap item, an oversized pottery Hen! Looks perfect in my kitchen!!!!

Thanks for joining me on my first post to my new blog! please leave comments and follow me!!!! :) I love to hear what you have to say!!!!! If you are here from my old blog, it will be pretty much the same just needed to switch names! I plan to post frequently so check back often!!!!

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