Friday, August 2, 2013

pretty and functional DIY storage

Remember this dresser that I took the drawers out of??? 
(see Fairy Garden post)
I finally repurposed it into a shelving unit!!!

  I first measured the inside of the drawers to cut wood to make shelves- i am not so good with a saw so my dad cut  the wood for me!

 we painted the wood and the inside trim a cream color(it was a color that I already had a quart of)- then Mr. Jackson nailed the wood to the inside of the dresser

 I really wanted some lighter colored baskets but I already had these baskets- and free is for me! 

voila! perfect storage for all the little items that these  boys of mine like to scatter all over my house...teaching them to take care of their belongings and clean up after themselves...= happy mama!!!
I love making something unused into something pretty and useful 
not to mention that around here, storage is the name of the game!!!

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