Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites: Hummus

 I have been mulling over a way to share my favorites- whether its a product, food, book shop....whatever... and I came up with this- every friday i am going to share a favorite here- therefore- i call it friday favorites! 
this week whats on my mind is HUMMUS! 
I usually like to make my own- and my FAVORITE  hummus recipe so far is the south beach diet recipe for hummus(crazy, right?) but in a pinch or a wicked craving for hummus.. this is my go to favorite

 Sabra olive tapenade hummus is to die for! I could eat this flavor by the bucketful! always, always without fail delish and fresh! Thank you Sabra!!!!

 So, today, i revolved my lunch around my brand spankin new container of sabra- healthy mediteranean-ish yummyness! I am so trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle that I once had- and this meal was fulfilling and i feel good after eating instead of bloated and/or greasy! 
 hope you enjoy my first ever FRIDAY FAVORITES section!
have a happy, healthy weekend!!!!

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