Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i heart Valentines' Day!!!!

I am preparing to make the favors for my Valentines Day party which is on February 19th, but thought I would first like to share some of my V-Day decorating, hope you enjoy!
 this cabinet was given to me by a dear friend many years ago, i had stopped using it and had it in storage, until it found new life in my dining room with a coat of white paint! I love switching up the look of it up for every holiday...
 I am so in love with these paper Valentines by Michel and Company, given to me by my friend Amy(pictured in my swap photos) metal flower frogs make great displays for pictures and cards...
 anything red can be used in your Valentines Day display...i used this vintage red collendar for a lovely display of red and white
 Last year I bought several of these oversized paper decorations from my friend Lauries' shop, One Vintage Lane in Hartville, Ohio....not even knowing where I would use them...they worked perfectly as a background in my cabinet
 cake stand and other glass cloches, are a fun display of reds, whites and pinks....
cross stitch heart with pom-pom trim that I made last year, adorned with quotes I clipped from a romance novel and glued to coffee dyed tags, attached with a safety pin
reads"her adoring husband kissed her gently" and "you, my love, you are the most beautiful and the best." 
last but not least, i love to convey the messages of Valentines Day all over my house, and how much more adoring they seem when you add a little glitter!
COMING SOON: how to Valentines Day party favors... <3

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