Thursday, April 11, 2013

creating an upcycled tote

 I just wanted to share a little bit about how I create my upcycled tote bags...
 I found this cute cloth tote at my local goodwill, took it home, washed and coffee dyed it  to the desired color.
How do I coffee dye? I just keep adding coffee and or tea to boiling water(i like to dye in my kitchen sink) until it reaches the color I desire for each individual project. I then soak the fabric,usually overnight. and line dry. I like to leave coffee and tea bags in the water as my products dye to create  interesting color patterns.
 Next, I decide what i want to use to embellish the bag.The inspiration for this bag actually came from the script fabric that I wound up only using for the wool birds wing, below. 

 I love this vintage pattern fabric, very Cath Kidston, who I adore!

I hand sew all my bags so here is the finished product, modeled by my daughter, Sierra
I love this cute little tote for spring and summer :)


  1. thank you- i have an etsy shop that i sell my bags and other upcycled goodies on~