Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fairy Garden

 my father in law gave me this cute chest of drawers when he moved recently, it is kind of rickety and the drawers didn't stay in place very well, so I decided to take it apart and remake it...i decided to finally make the fairy garden I have been wanting to make in one of the drawers....i will show what I will be doing with the empty set of drawers in a future post....
 I asked Mr. Jackson to drill about 10 to 12 small holes in the bottom of the drawer for drainage. I also spray painted the inside of the drawer to help keep the wood from rotting as quickly....

 I first selected one big and several smaller plants that I thought would look good, filled the drawer with organic potting soil and planted the flowers
 time to fill in all the little lovelies that i found at a local greenhouse and also at Walmart!~

I am in love with my fairy garden, and the kids love glancing in from time to time to see what the fairies and gnomes are up to. thinking about changing it around so that maybe they think the fairies are moving!!

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  1. such a cute idea to use an otherwise "unwanted" dresser!