Saturday, June 22, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things, well blogs anyway....

On this beautiful summer Saturday, I just wanted to give u a bit o' inspiration.....I have so many blog posts in my head but today, I wanted to share my favorite blogs... Lets start with one of my BFFS Susan and her blog:
 am soon to start peddling my wares at her shop... soooooo exciting!!!!!
I love her blog and her shop HOME SWEET HOME~ just went there today~ Susan and I met when i visited her shop about 6 years ago, and fell in love with it, we became fast friends and we share our love of thrifting, decorating, crafting and last but not least...FOOD!!!!! We are always up for some Starbucks, good conversation and lots of laughs!

Next up my friend Laurie and her awesome blog:

I met Laurie years ago at a local craft show, and we kept running into eachother and became friends, her shop is truly a wonderland and I love her sense of style! 
 I am soon to peddle my wares at her shop!!!!

these next 2 are not people i know but they are 2 people I truly admire!!!!
I discovered on an absolute fluke a few years back and I have been hooked ever since!!!! 
Amanda Blake Soule  has out 3 books(as far as i know thats all) and I own them all- her blog amd her life, inspire me as her and her family homestead...someday I hope to go to the squam artist retreat and meet her at the taproot gathering... to tell her how she inspires me!!!!! P.S. she is also doing a magazine that I, of course subscribe to.
last but not least at all....I again randomly discovered I discovered her first I had seen her face in some sort of crafting blog with Matthew Mead, and wondered what her story was...a week or 2 later i read just a part of her story in Parade in my Sunday paper....I logged on to her blog and bought her wonderful book the weekend it hit the book stands

 Her love for her family and life itself is inspiring as well as her faith and her ability to make everything around her lovely...... lifts me up and touchs my heart

 and she also introduced to the music of her friend, Mindy Gledhill, this beautiful song brings me to tears every time I play it....

I love these women who inspire me....
enjoy your weekend

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