Monday, July 1, 2013

Summertime....the livins' easy

I finally got berries!!!!!
and for whatever reason, it makes me immeasurably full of joy!There is just something about growing and making things for yourself.... its a feeling that doesn't come from purchasing items in a store....i felt like i was 12 again, only better because this time i was picking and cleaning the fruit with glee....i never understood why my mother wanted to garden until this very day. i would think things like....why cant we just buy our food at the store like everyone else? While I spent what seemed like hours weeding and picking while my friends were playing.....i not only helped feed my family, i learned things that you need to know in a work ethic, like pride in a job done well, and the rewards of that hard work- like a beautiful cherry pie with a handmade crust, filled to the brim with sweet, beautiful yellow cherries or homemade fried zuchinni..... and now that love has come full circle as i  seek to gain that life i had for my own children...natural and homegrown and straight from my heart to theirs! I observe this joy on my childrens faces as they devour the raspberries(after i washed them) striaght from the bowl!

 my reward this morning, fresh organic berries to go on top of my organic vanilla yogurt

 and p.s. i am working from my "office" today! my worn wicker sofa is a perfect spot to work and enjoy these lovely summer days~ and its practical too, because the boys are playing in the yard and actually LETTING me work!!!!

 the beautiful banner- I bought from my friend Carol- check out her facebook page- vintage shack- which just happened to match the pillows I already had out here

i just had to share a few pics of my flowers blooming- i am so loving this summer

whats inspiring you this summer? 


  1. Thanks for the shout out, girlfriend! The Banner looks sooooo cute on your porch! I too grew up gardening & canning. Our garden was about an acre big- in the Hartville muck- and the back field was all elderberry bushes! I loooove elderberry but don't ever want to can them again!
    PS probably have to add a "the" to search my FB page, or type :)

  2. There's nothing as yummy as fresh berries! Love Carol's banner-too cute! :)

  3. Hi, I'm stopping by from Susan's Must Love Junk. The frames you guys made are really cute and unique. The berries and yogurt look delicious and love the pretty banner you bought too. I'm now following along.

  4. I am in love with that banner! The berries look delightful!

  5. Came over from "must love junk" and will follow you. I look forward to reading and seeing more of your life. Blessings

  6. Hello Melissa, This is my first time visiting and what a lovely place you have!! I love porches and your area is so sweet! I am looking forward to all the ideas for your home and garden~~~~I came over from Susan-Must love Junk~~~~I am your newest follower~ Blessings~~~Roxie

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