Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY french country wine basket

DIY French Country WINE BASKET
 I found this cute little basket at goodwill for a mere $2.00! But- it needed some jazzing up!
I have seen painted baskets lots of places with burlap accents- decided to make one for myself!!!!
 first I just got  a .96 can of white spray paint and sprayed the basket...*don't forget to use spray paint in a well ventilated area*
 I next measured the area where I wanted to place the burlap- then, I  cut the burlap to the measurements of the basket- laid down some craft paper and taped the burlap to hold it in place. This way I can stamp my design without staining my table!
 I used foam letter stamps- but stencils also work well on burlap- I used a small container of white acrylic paint approx. $1 at Pat Catans-
 Since I am a fan of all things French since taking French in High School- I googled French wines and picked one that sounded good to me- along with a nice foam stamped impression of a fleur de lis
 I attached the burlap to the basket with some pretty decorative brads- and its the perfect addition to my Country French style dining room!
All that's left to do is continue collecting wines and Italian sodas to fill it up! <3
I am really feeling some nice reds this season...
and the approximate cost of this beauty? $5.00!!!!
enjoy and I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!

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  1. This turned out so cute! You go with your crafty self, girl! :)